Sonny Angel at Mansei-bashiSonny Angel at Mansei-bashi

Event Period : Sep 16th 2017 ~ Sep 18th 2017

Sonny Angel Pop -up Store event will be held at Akihabara Manseibashi!

There will be Sonny Angel first ever workshop ,special exhibition and event limited fun for you to enjoy! Do not miss this opportunity ♪

About this event

Sonny Angel is celebrating its thirteenth anniversary this year! A cute boy angel wearing all sorts of headgear is loved not only in Japan but by people all around the world.

We want more people to know Sonny Angel, and spread the happiness and smile! This event aims to make people enjoy the world of Sonny Angel!



  • Aritist Collection
    Rabbit (L) & Elephant (R)

  • Artist Collection is 1.6 times the size of Mini figure.

  • Only yours!

We prepared white Rabbit and Elephant Aritist Collection only for this event! You can freely paint and decorate Artist Collection which is 1.6 times figure of Sonny Angel mini figure. Challenge your inner artist and let's make your one and only Artist Collection in the world ♪

Workshop fee : ¥1,000 (including Tax)
Workshop time : 1 hour

Reservation period : Aug 10th 2017 ~ 12pm Sep 15th 2017
*Since the number of participants per workshop is limited, we recommend advance reservation.
*Cash payment only.

Special Display

There will exhibition of Sonny Angel history with more than 500 mini figures display include rare mini figures! Enjoy the amazing display of Sonny Angel mini figure display.

In addition, the venue will have a special display for you to enjoy the world of Sonny Angel. Feel free to take photos and share it with your friends!

Event only gift

  • For all the customers!

    Sonny Angel hand towel will be given to every customer who purchased Sonny Angel mini figure!
    *1 hand towel per customer.

  • For all workshop participants!

    Sonny Angel hand towel and Sonny Angel water will be given to all the customers who participated in the Sonny Angel workshop!
    *1 hand towel and 1 Sonny Angel water per customer.

  • Questionnaire gift!

    Sonny Angel masking tape will be given to everyone who answered our questionnaire!
    *1 masking tape per person.

※Quantities are limited.

Date & Place

[Date] ... Sep 16th 2017 ~ Sep 18th 2017
[Event Time] ... 11:00 ~ 21:00 (Last day closing time 20:00)
[Workshop Time] ... 12:00 ~ 21:00 (Last day closing time 19:00)
[Place] ... mAACH ecute N7 Kandamanseibashi (MAP)
[Event Content] ... Sonny Angel painting workshop, Sonny Angel shop and special display.


  • Workshop is limited to age over 15 years old.
  • Workshop will be one Artist Collection per person at a time.
  • Also, participation is limited to once per day.
  • You can participate even without reservation on the day.
  • Please take home the item you created at the workshop on the day. We will not accept any delivery wishes.
  • Please refrain from taking home the item without any paint or decoration.
  • Please keep in mind that the clothes may get dirty during the workshop. We will note take responsibility for any clothes.
  • Sonny Angel online store points will not be granted to the purchase made at this event.
  • It is not possible to exchange defects or damage items other than the initial default.
  • Please call us beforehand when you want to change or cancel the reservation. If we do not hear from you after 15 minutes from the booking time, your reservation will be autometically canceled.
  • Please refrain from bringing any personal items to the workshop such as brushes and pens.

Workshop reservation

Workshop reservation will be closed at 15th Sep 12pm.

※In this reservation form, only one person can book at a time. In case of participating with multiple members, please make a reservation per member. Please understand that there is a limit in the number of participants per workshop, the reservation will be first come first serve. After receiving the reservation form, we will send you an confirmation email from our company. Incase of change or cancellation, please contact us by 12pm Sep 15th 2017 with your reservation info.
Contact address :

※There may be chance of sudden vacancy available due to cancellation. Please contact us if your desired time is full.

Reservation Status
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