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Sonny Angel 14th Anniversary


14th Anniversary limited number Special Color Sonny Angel coming soon!

So many birth day wishes from fans worldwide made [ Sonny Angel Animal Series 3 Special Color ] come to market!

3rd version of long awaited Special Color

Special Color is limited number color-change model of regular series. 2012 ver1 [ Animal Series 1 ], 2014 ver2 [ Animal Series 2 ] were released. Fans worldwide has been waiting long time for [ Animal Series 3 Special Color ]!

"Birth Day Party" imaged coloring

Happy & colorful coloring as for birth day party since it will be released on May 15th, Sonny Angel's 14th Anniversary day!

Vivid colored figures give accent to your interior.

Collect all 12 kinds will make colorful & joyful party!

Enjoy decorating together with normal version figures. Make your room happy with Sonny Angel!

Campaign starts from May 15! Check your nearby stores for details.

* Please note that release day & product specifics in some cases would be changed, postponed or canceled depending on various circumstances.