Sonny Angel

Special Sonny Angel Corner at Isetan Shinjuku!

Special Sonny Angel Corner at Isetan Shinjuku!

We will exhibit a special Sonny Angel display at Isetan Shinjuku from 18th May 2016.

The display includes special Sonny Angel figures that has not been shown anywhere else! It will only be displayed during this period, so don’t forget to visit Isetan Shinjuku and have a look!

*Please note that the special Sonny Angel figures displayed will be not for sale.

Isetan Shinjuku (Main Building)
3rd Floor East Park Restyle GIFT Area
Isetan Official Website (Japanese) >>

From May 18th ~ (Approx. 1 month)

You can also purchase Sonny Angel 12th Anniversary series and regular series too!

【Products Available at Isetan Shinjuku】
♦ 12th Anniversary series [in limited quantity]
♦ Animal series 1 ~ 4
♦ Flower series
♦ Marine series
♦ Fruits series
♦ Vegetable series