Sonny Angel

Announcement from Sonny Angel Official Store Taiwan

“Sonny Angel Official Store Taiwan”, which has been open in Taiwan to communicate with all fans, will close on May 31, 2020. Thank you for all who have loved, cared, and supported “Sonny Angel Official Store Taiwan”. Sonny Angel will continue to watch over Taiwan and bring you happiness. We appreciate continuous support and love for Sonny Angel.

Due to the above reason, unfortunately the Sonny Angel point cards we have distributed will end at the same time as the store closes. We are now having a double point campaign until store closing, so please take this chance to earn and get limited point gifts. In addition, due to the recent expansion of restrictions due to COVID-19, we will accept point gifts exchange (including application for New Year’s cards) at the Donguri Republic Xinyi store cash register until August 25 after Sonny Angel Official Store Taiwan ends.
* Please note: We do not accept deliveries for gift exchange.