Sonny Angel

『Sonny Angel 20th Anniversary Photo Contest』“Sonny Angel 20th Anniversary Photo Contest” will be held!!

Sonny Angel

To celebrate Sonny Angel’s 20th anniversary, we will be holding a photo contest to showcase your happiest moments with Sonny Angel! For the past two decades, Sonny Angel has been a beloved figure across the world, and social media has made it possible for fans to joyously connect and share their love of both Sonny Angel and photography. We firmly believe that the photos you take of Sonny Angel are an integral part of our community and a testament to the bond we share with our fans!

In this photo contest, we’d like you to capture what holding Sonny Angel close to your heart means to you. We would love to see your memories and touching moments with Sonny Angel. Showcase his charm as you feel it along with your own thoughts and feelings about Sonny Angel!

・Contest Theme :Happy moments with Sonny Angel

・Application:Period Friday, May 31 – Sunday, June 23 (2024) ※JST

・Announcement of Results:Selected winning applicants will be notified by email in early December (2024). Please ensure that messages from will not be filtered to your spam folder, and please inform us of any changes to your email address after your application has been submitted. Applicants who have not been selected will not be informed.

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