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『Sonny Angel 20th Anniversary Rabbit Popularity Poll』

Did you know? Rabbit is the most popular Sonny Angel! Rabbit is not only a beloved staple of the regular series—he has also appeared in a number of limited series as well! Over the years, his many different designs have been cherished by fans all across the world!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sonny Angel, we are holding the first ever Rabbit Popularity Poll! More than 60 different Rabbit designs from previous series have been nominated for this event. Please “look back” on the history of Sonny Angel and choose which Rabbit you love the most! Who will win the top prize? We look forward to your vote!

Voting period

7th June 2024 - 20th June 2024(JST)

Voting Results

Voting Results will be published in the Sonny Angel 20th Anniversary Complete Guidebook and posted on Sonny Angel’s official website and social media accounts. The guidebook is set to be released in late December 2024.

How to Vote

Please vote using the form below.

【Voting Terms and Conditions】

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・In the event of suspected fraud, including large vote quantities cast in a short period of time by means of bot or mechanical voting, relevant votes will be invalidated.
・Internet communication costs for voting are solely the responsibility of the customer.
・If the Company deems it necessary (e.g. in the event of system failure or maintenance), voting may be suspended without prior notice.
・The content and schedule of this event are subject to change or cancellation at any time without prior notice.
・We will not answer any inquiries regarding this event, including the results of the voting or how to vote.

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