Sonny Angel

New Release: Sonny Angel Circus Series

In the newest special series, Sonny Angel is dressed and ready for the circus!
The theme of this Circus Series is “a sense of the extraordinary and mysterious”. The Sonny Angel Circus Series will bring you joy and laughter with whimsical colors and fun designs.
Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages… the circus is starting right now in your room!

Collect all six Sonny Angels and enter into a world of fun at the Sonny Angel Circus.

■ Now introducing the stars of the Sonny Angel Circus!

The Ringmaster
Wearing a silk top hat and a jacket, he will guide you into Sonny Angel’s circus world!

The Elephant
He loves doing acrobatics as he balances a ball on his nose.

The Clown
With his bright red nose, the Clown brings happiness and laughter to all!

The Bear
With his party hat and ruffled collar, the Bear is styled to have fun at the circus!

The Circus Tent
No circus is complete without the circus tent. With its bright colors, he’s ready to bring the circus to you!

The Lion
This lion is definitely the king of the ring! With his crown and his ring of fire-inspired cape, he is ready for the show!

You never know what secret figures may join Sonny Angel at the circus!

■ Get the Sticker/Display card for free with the Circus Series ♪

By purchasing “Sonny Angel mini figure Circus Series”, you will receive an original sticker!!

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*Sticker or display card will be included for each account including 1 or more “Sonny Angel mini figure Circus Series”.
*The conditions for distribution varies by country. For details: Please contact the store where you purchase.
*Please note: For orders of large number or orders from the same customer, you may be asked to adjust or we might limit the number of sticker and display card distribution.
*Please note: The sticker and display card distribution will end as soon as the stock ends.

*Sonny Angel Circus Series will be released on June 13, 2019
*Please note: Release date and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.
*In Japan,「Sonny Angel Circus Series」will sell on June 14th.
*Pre-order for Sonny Angel Circus Series are available to eligible members at Sonny Angel Official Online Store. (Applicable for Angel members and above)
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*Sonny Angel Circus Series can also be purchased from June 13 at “THE FACTORY BY DREAMS INC. B1F ippindo”.
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