Sonny Angel

New Release:『Sonny Angel mini figure Vegetable Series/Flower Series』

15 years have passed since the birth of Sonny Angel, who was born to make us all smile.
Sonny Angel has embraced the lives of people all over the world and has delivered smiles and healing.
Vegetable and Flower Series will also “Refine” in October !! Sonny Angel with colorful motif such as vegetables and flowers will color your room.

Vegetable Series has a motif of Vegetable.
It seems that the colorful Sonny Angel is coming to the kitchen.

Flower Series has a motif of Flower and plant.
Line up with colorful Sonny angels to make your room look gorgeous.

(Left: before refinement Right: after refinement)

The concept of “Refine” is “Small difference, more happiness.”
Finally, the Sonny Angel Regular Series has all been refined! After refinement, you can enjoy the refined Sonny Angel and the differences.