Sonny Angel

New Release: Sonny Angel mini figure Christmas Series

In this year’s Christmas series, Sonny Angel wearing a warm “knit” costume will come to you.
The mesh of hats and sweaters expresses the softness of “knit” as if it were really knitted.
In the coming winter season, warm your heart with Sonny Angel.

It seems to be fun to wear same things that those of Sonny Angel wearing.
Why don’t you spend warm time with Sonny Angel this Christmas?

■『Sonny Angel mini figure Christmas Series』 Line Up

Wool Sheep
A red sweater like Santa has a ball of wool design.

Wool Reindeer
A reindeer with a bright red nose. The matching reindeer pattern printed on the sweater is cute.

Wool Penguin
He wearing a hat like a Christmas tree. The muffler seems to be warm.

Wool Bear
Bear wearing a soft poncho. The point is the snowflake on the poncho.

■『Sonny Angel mini figure -Christmas Ornament Gift Box-』 is also available!!

“Sonny Angel mini figure -Christmas Ornament Gift Box-“ will also be released. This gift box includes a stocking-shaped felt ornament.
You can put Sonny angel in the stockings and decorate your room with a Christmas tree. (In addition to the Christmas tree, you can enjoy it by attaching it to a wall or door.)How about as a Christmas present or gift to give to your precious person?