Sonny Angel

New Release: Sonny Angel mini figure -Valentine‘s Day Series- 2020

This year’s theme is “An adult style Valentine telling you“ LOVE ”. Sonny Angel, as your boyfriend, will appear dressed up in stylish fashion. Sonny Angel gives a gorgeous
impression different as usual by wearing a collared shirt with bow tie.

The chocolate that is melting from the headgear and costumes expresses the feeling of “you melt my heart”.
Why don’t you spend a little sweet Valentine with Sonny Angel this year?

■『Sonny Angel mini figure -Valentine‘s Day Series- 2020』Line up

Chocolate French Bulldog
Chocolate design on the left ear is the design point. He is trying to hand you a gift box.

Chocolate Rabbit
The color of strawberry and white chocolate is impressive. He came to see you dressed up in tie.

Chocolate Elephant
Chocolate is melting from the big ears. Guess who put a kiss mark on his cheek!

Chocolate Cat
The collared shirt makes him very stylish. Delivers “LOVE” to you together with white chocolate.

■『Sonny Angel mini figure -Valentine‘s Day Gift Box-』 is also available!!

A limited quantity Valentine’s Day series designed gift box will also be on sale.
There are four blind boxes inside. The box can be used as interior and as accessory box for your room.
Let’s give this gift box to your special together with your important feeling ♪