Sonny Angel

New Release:「Sonny Angel Artist Collection -Collaboration with Kangyong Cai (Kevin Tsai)-」

Collaoration with Kangyong Cai

This series is our first collaboration with the artist, Kangyong Cai (Kevin Tsai). You may find yourself asking, what kind of designs will result from the association of Taiwan’s top entertainer with Sonny Angel?

In this Artist Collection, Sonny Angel is dressed up more stylishly than usual. He is wearing a long coat. The crow on his hat is a trademark design element of CAI. The rainbow colors of the crow accentuate the overall brightness of the figure and contribute to a more attractive design. The bow tie worn by Sonny Angel is also fashioned in rainbow colors.

Collaoration with Kangyong Cai

The Sonny Angel concept, “He may bring you Happiness ?!”, is in sympathy with Cai’s philosophy, which makes this collaboration quite natural. In addition to Sonny Angel’s typical message of “healing”, these collaboration figures offer the “courage” to fight for ourselves and deliver the message of “living freely in our own way.”

-Brave as me-

“Don’t be afraid of difficulties; move forward with courage.”
The feathers on the back of the cloak remind us to spread our wings of courage and fly freely. “Be Free!” printed on the back of the figure prompts us to exercise courage and move forward to overcome difficulties.

Collaoration with Kangyong Cai

-Best of you-

“Be true to yourself; don’t worry how others perceive you”
This figure is designed with a white cloak and top hat with stars that shine like you when you chase your dreams. “Love yourself” on the back conveys the message “When you love yourself, others will love you more!”

Collaoration with Kangyong Cai

※『Sonny Angel Artist Collection -Collaboration with Kangyong Cai-』 will be pre-released in China on 27th September, 2020.
※『Sonny Angel Artist Collection -Collaboration with Kangyong Cai (Kevin Tsai)-』 will be released in other countries in Mid-October, 2020.
※Please note: Release date and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.