Sonny Angel


The theme for the collection of works presented in this exhibition is TOKYO CITY POP. The image of a busy, dazzling city summer in yellow and blue came to me intuitively from those words. CITY POP was fashionable through the 70s and 80s, but I am not of the generation that actually experienced it in real time. So when I listened to lots of the top music from those days after doing some searching, I found that the melodies had an energy to them which is so nice to listen to, even today. The songs made me want to listen to them on a beach in the summer, a place where I can enjoy an open feeling, and this inspired me to paint a beach on Sonny Angel’s body. It gives you the impression that you can hear a lot of lively voices, but in contrast to that, the beach also feels like a secret paradise for one person only. I hope you enjoy it.

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ayano katayama

Born in 1987.
She likes to draw inspiration from the natural, beautiful forms of nature in his works., and is currently absorbed in the unique shapes of “microorganisms”. She likes to employ delicate, fine touches and vibrant shading using paints and pens to create works that include one-of-a-kind custom brooches.