Sonny Angel

collage style

In the hopes of creating works that weren’t too sappy in tone and also contained a subtly suave look,
I used an original paper called the “Collage-Style Dry Flower March Paper”.
I tore bits of the paper and stuck them onto the head and clothing of the figure.
The finished product also has a pronounced antique feel.


I also wanted to create a piece that exhibited a more modern style contrary to the antique feel of Hitsuji,
so I dressed it in a full-body suit with a design that resembles an electronic circuit.
The design of the finished work looks like it would be a better fit in a setting like outer space rather than on Earth.

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Illustrator/Small Articles Artist: chicu
Born in Fukuoka, and a resident of Fukuoka.
2010 Artist name: chichu. Begins working as an artist under the name chicu
2013 Started releasing works under the brand yura2chicu.
Continued to illustrate on a daily basis, putting works on display through independent exhibits and events.
My aim is to create an art style that’s not too sappy or too sic, and has the power to “light the heart”.