Sonny Angel

About the Event

A Collection of Art from 18 Trending Creator Groups in Japan: The “Sonny Angel Japan Creator’s Exhibition 2020”.
18 different creator groups from all across Japan have contributed a total 26 art pieces across a broad range of genres.
Each one of the figures is entirely handmade and the only of its kind in the world.
You’ll find the Sonny Angel series in never-before-seen designs filled will ideas borne out of the spontaneous inspiration and expression of each creator’s style.

During the duration of the exhibit, Sonny Angel will be collaborating with Cafe au lait Tokyo
to bring you a limited-time Sonny Angel cafe menu alongside various Sonny Angel related merchandise.
The exhibited works will be available for purchase in a lottery format at our online store following the event.

Autumn is traditionally a season to appreciate art in Japan, so why not sate your creative appetite with Sonny Angel?
We are eagerly awaiting your visit.


Come and find 26 amazing handmade figures by 18 creators mainly based in Japan.
The creators are of different profession such as illustrator, children’s book writer, sculptor, and glass artist.
The diverse group of artists each presents special work with their own unique touch and expression.
Enjoy the merticulate attention to detail in each piece!


● Special Assistant

This event was made possible thanks to the full support of the lifestyle shop A.D.NEEL and many different artists. You can check out the A.D.NEEL official site for more information on the participating artists’ works.

● Work / artist introduction

How to Buy

●Because every one of the art pieces is handmade and one-of-a-kind, all of the works on exhibit will be available for purchase through a lottery system at our online store.
●You can submit your application for the lottery on the Sonny Angel official online store or at the event venue between November 20, 2020 (Friday) – November 29, 2020 (Sunday). Please note that all payments will be made through the online store, so you will need to register as a member on our online store before you can make any purchases.

The odds for the lottery sales are the same whether booked in person or online.

How to Buy

STEP01 Apply for the lottery

●Entry dates
Nov. 20 (Fri.) to Nov. 29 (Sun), 2020
●How to entry

●At the venue (let a staff member know you want to enter the lottery sales.)
●Online store apply

(Go to the entry page here)

*To enter the lottery sales, you will need to sign up for our online store.
*It is not first-come-first-served. The place and date of entry will not affect the result of the lottery, either.
*You can enter the lottery raffle for more than one piece. (There is no limit to the number of pieces you can enter for.)
*Each person can enter only once for each work, in person or online.
*Entries from more than one person at the same address will be considered as one entry.
*When more than one entry is made for one work from one address, all the entries will be invalid.
*Our system does not allow entries for more than one work in one session. Please make sure you enter for only one work each session.
*Please do not enter to purchase so you can resell. If we find out pieces are resold after the lottery, we may cancel the win and restrict the use of our shop by the user.
*Please be aware that all the pieces are handmade, and therefore may have slight smudges or scratches, which does not mean they are defective.
*The pieces do not come packaged in boxes.

STEP02 Winners will be notified

We plan to notify the winners around Nov. 30 (Mon.) to Dec. 2 (Wed.)
●How you will be notified

Winners will be contacted by email.

*The results of the lottery will be sent during the above dates to everyone who entered.
*We will not be able to respond to individual inquiry about the results.
*If you are using junk mail filter by domain, please change the setting to allow receiving emails from “”.
*Please know that inn case of the following, the win will be invalid.
-When the e-mail interruption or we do not receive a response for 2 weeks after notifying the win.
-The address entered is wrong/missing information and the piece cannot be delivered.
-If there has been any misconduct in the entry process.

STEP03 Payment and delivery

●Shipment dates
We plan to start shipping the pieces from Dec. 2 (Wed.), 2020, after confirming payments
*Only the person who won can purchase the piece.
*It may not be possible to change the address after winning.
*If you do not purchase by the date specified in the notification email, your win will be invalid.

Public Sale

Depending on the situarion, some pieces may be available for public sale at our online store.

Exhibition Schedule

Event Schedule
2020 November 20 (Friday) – November 29 (Sunday) 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (final entry 5:30 pm)
1st Floor Event Space “THE FACTORY BY DREAMS INC.”(MAP)
4-2-28, Takadababa, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Directions: After getting off at JR Takadababa Station, make a right at the Toyama Exit ticket booth and it will be around a 20 second walk.
Entry Free
As coronavirus safety measure, we will be limiting the number of people admitted during crowded hours.
We would like to ask that you please wear a mask while at the exhibit.

Event content

● All the figures on the market will be exhibited

During the event, all the figures on the market will be exhibited in the venue. The lottery sales will be open for entry at the venue as well.

● The creators’ other works will be on sale

Works by the participating creators, including accessories and ornaments, will be sold at the venue.

● Sonny Angel products will be on sale, too

Sonny Angel mini figures such as the Regular series and the latest Christmas series will be sold at the venue.
*There will be no limited edition for the event.

In addition “Sonny Angel Original Hand Mirror” will be presented to those who purchase more than ¥3,000(excluding tax) including Sonny Angel products at this event.
Please note: The hand mirror distribution will end as soon as the stock ends.

● Special Sonny Angel Cafe menus

During the event, special Sonny Angel Cafe menus will be available at Cafe au lait Tokyo on B1.
>> Cafe au lait Tokyo, a cafe specializing in cafe au lait.

●Happy Berry Café au lait
The rich taste with plenty of milk and the luxurious taste of strawberries. The scent of Franboise also spreads.
Since coffee ice is used, please enjoy the taste change slowly over time.

●Strawberry Milk Pudding
(single item) ¥420+tax
(Souvenir Mugs Set) ¥920+tax
Milk pudding with a melting texture is sprinkled with a generous amount of handmade strawberry sauce with a mellow fruitiness.

●Ice Cream ( homemade strawberry& mascarpone)
(single item) ¥380+tax
(Souvenir Mugs Set) ¥880+tax
The rich mascarpone ice cream goes well with our handmade flesh-sweet and sour strawberry sauce.


  • We accept cash or credit cards for purchases at the venue.
  • Please understand that purchases made at the event will not count for SA points.
  • There is no parking for cars or bikes at the venue. Please use a nearby coin parking.
  • Please be mindful of the neighbors and not make loud noises or gather outside.
  • We are not responsible for any accidents, troubles, lost or stolen goods in and outside the venue.
  • Please be aware that we may change or cancel the event without notice.
  • Please wear a mask while at the event and make sure to sanitize your hands at the entrance.
  • As part of the preventive measures agains COVID-19, we will be practicing social distance by limiting the number of people inside the venue. Please follow the instructions by staff members in case the number of visitors exceeds the limit. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Enter the Raffle

(Go to the entry page here)
  • We will not be able to ship the figure with other products.
  • A special rate with insurance will apply for international shipping.
  • Please check international shipping fees for this product here.
  • In case products arrive damaged or defaced, please contact us by email or phone within 3 days after delivery.
  • Due to the worldwide pandemic, some countries and regions are temporarily not accepting EMS.
  • As many countries are also reducing the number of international flights, please understand that there may be delays with international shipments.
  • The delivery company may be changed according to the situation at the time of shipment, in which case we will notify you immediately.