Sonny Angel


The original model is a rabbit, but I designed the coat of a calico cat that lived in the neighborhood when I was a kid. The calico cat was friendly, and I was allowed to sketch it nearby, but it disappeared one day. .. .. The average lifespan of stray cats is less than two years, and most are said to die within six months of their birth. When I see a stray cat, it’s cute and eye-catching, but most don’t live long. Hunting by house cats has also contributed to the reason in rare species of wild animals such as the Pentalagus furnessi around the world. I hope that all house cats can live happily in a safe house without threatening the ecosystem.

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Shunichi Kawasaki

I am a picture book writer and an animal painter. I was born in 1990 at Osaka JAPAN. After leaving a trading company, I am working to convey the fun of the ecosystem and the connection with our lives through expression. Active in exhibitions, publications, book illustrations, talk shows, etc.! My picture book “Umigami Meguri” will be translated and published in Beijing soon.