Sonny Angel

mushroom child

This angel is a mushroom fairy that resides in the deepest part of the forest. The adorable figure has a glass mushroom sprouting out of it.
Dangling from its chest is a water droplet that encloses the mushroom.

The mushroom is based on a fly agaric mushroom with a cute red and white polka dot pattern.
I gave the figure a full collar like the “collar” of the mushroom at the base of its neck with glass mushrooms that sprout from its shoulder and head.
The pendant that hangs on its chest glimmers faintly when it collects light.

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Glassblowing Craftsman & Illustrator
I design my art pieces while envisioning the ephemeral and unique forms of deep-sea organisms and bacteria in deep, lush forests. I like to use borosilicate glass and a method known as lampworking in my works.
I pour my heart into each of my creations in the hopes that they may put a smile on the faces those who come across them, even if just for a moment.