Sonny Angel


Plants are the “producers” of our world because they can create their own nutrients through photosynthesis.
Animals, as the “consumers” of the food chain, live off the bounty of these producers.
Thus, we need to call upon the help of “decomposers”.
In turn, the “decomposers” generate the nutrients which are essential to the growth of plants.
Every one of these groups is an integral part of a larger community of organisms,
and I produced this work as a symbol of coexistence between nature and living creatures.

The title, Silva, is the Latin word for forest.

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Born in Chiba. A illustrator whose works are based on a theme of journies to foreign countries.
After graduating from the Tokai University Department of Law, he traveled to Spain, and was significantly influenced by the country’s culture and architecture.
She then began working at a general company and began drawing illustrations to make her own general goods from around 2017.
She is currently active in making and selling his original-design products while participating in exhibits.

[Career Activities]
 May: Had her works published in the 38th release of MegRu magazine
 June: Kamiwaza Exhibit (AAA Gallery/Yokohama)
 July: begins selling her products through commissioned sales at A.D.NEÉL Venus Fort Branch
    Received the cells-illustration-vol.19 award (Design Festa Gallery/Harajuku)
 September: cells-illustration-vol.19 Exhibition of Award-Winning Works (Tokyo Art Lab/Kamata)
 October: A Journey Overseas with a Pen a Paper: The Phantasmagorical Artist and the Paper-Cutting Sculpture Collaboration Exhibit
 November: Works displayed in Design Festa vol. 52
    Gajin Garo Web Individual Exhibit “Wanderlust” on the Kawachi Gazai (Drawing Materials) home page

 January: Illustrator’s Exhibit (Owens Yachiyo Public Gallery/Chiba)
 March: Art Japan and Taiwan 2021 in London (London)