Sonny Angel

Rabbit clown

The work is based on a fairy tale with subtly dark, grim atmosphere. The plastic art form was a challenge for me since I don’t typically work with the medium. Creating shape of the skull and adding the ruffs was especially difficult. I tried to retain the cute form, feel, and the wings on the back of the Sonny Angel while consolidating the work in black and white tones of my own motifs—bones and Pierrots. I believe that in the end, I managed to create a Sonny Angel that captures the spirit of the ruff brand and can fit right into any chic atmosphere.

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I like to use an analog medium for my works such as pencils, paints, recycled paper, and foil stamps, but I also like to combine them with digital elements in my drawings and collages to produce a world with an antique, faintly dim atmosphere. My primary artistic activities include participation in exhibits and design festivals, and I plan to host a personal exhibit in December of 2020.