Sonny Angel

Explorer of the Stars

I made this piece based on a theme of an “Explorer of the Stars”.
The “Explorer of the Stars” is a work covered in a deep, sparkling blue hues like the vast colors of space,
where the lone explorer forges beneath the starry skies in search of star fragments.

The gold-colored parts were included to produce a mystical feel.
The charm hanging off of the explorer’s shoulder is a star fragment.

I really enjoyed creating this piece, and I worked on it while imagining what it would be like for a Sonny Angel to be living in a world of falling stars.
I hope you can also enjoy imagining a starlit stroll alongside the Sonny Angel under a sky of streaking stars.

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Honey Sugar

I make resin accessories based on themes of constellations and my works all live in a fictional, fantasy world of shooting stars.
I first stumbled upon resin nine years ago.
Though I had to put it down for a short while because of my work obligations, I used my layoff as an opportunity to invest more time into my personal hobbies and got back into working with resin.
During a visit to my hometown, I found myself incredibly moved by the sight of the beautiful starry sky and the experience prompted me to begin combining stars and resin in my creations.
Currently, I mostly conduct most of my sales online, and will have my works exhibited at commission-based events.