Sonny Angel

Automaton-ORION of star tour

High above, Orion sings Felling the dew and the branches.

Based on this motif from Star Tour Song, a poem by Kenji Miyazawa, I’ve created my Sonny Angel to look like a flying mechanical doll with gears. Half of his body is rusty retro style and the other half is the color of the galaxy, giving you a feeling of the near future. Sonny Angel’s ears and waist have gears and carry a flask and test tube that produce dew and frost. When light touches Orion’s carved seal, it glows blue in the dark.

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Ginga Tetsudo

“The paradox of making old things new”
Ginga Tetsudo is a miniature art sculptor who loves ruins, candle flames, and Ihatov. They create a wide array of mini-sized pieces in the style of “chemical steampunk,” including mysterious science experiment equipment and specimens, magical crystals, and small accessories with a rusted aesthetic.
They are mainly active through online sales.