Sonny Angel

Evening sky

I found Sonny Angel’s plump body and the mouse’s round-shaped ears so cute, so I expressed the evening sky with a gentle graduation of pastel colors. Depending on the angle of view, the wings on the back sometimes reveal a pale blue color.


A design featuring all-over use of the color of the universe, which is the main color I use in my accessories. I’ve used polarized color and lots of glitter in the head area. You’ll see lots of different colors here depending on the light conditions and the viewing angle. To create an accent, I’ve given Sonny Angel a small resin flower accessory.

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Hachimitsu Ginko

“Hachimitsu means ‘honey,’ which means everything cute and great and lovely”
Under the idea of making “a market for all things cute,” this artist creates sky- and cosmic-colored resin accessories and resin flowers, to bring you something truly cute and wonderful.