Sonny Angel

New Digital Pop

My concept was to have Sonny Angel wear clothes whose design was based on the Memphis pattern that was popular during the 1980s. To make the colors look graphic, I’ve created a look of the future with bright, uber-pop colors and a gloss finish. I painted digital signal waveforms mixed with geometrical shapes like circles and triangles. The words “CITY POP” are part of the theme of this exhibition. From this music genre, I abstracted the building-like forms that symbolize the city so that they would also have the appearance of audio waveforms. Though it wasn’t easy to draw these patterns and lines, I enjoyed the process a lot.

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Hermetale Garden

Hermetale Garden creates original accessories that aim to be unflashy but still hold a nonchalant spark.
Primarily drawing inspiration from elements such as astronomical objects, minerals, and plants, they create items that can serve as a subtle accent to everyday life.<