Sonny Angel


My design concept is a TOKYO NEO POP Sonny Angel. Inspired by the exhibition theme, TOKYO CITY POP, I combined an image of olden-day CITY POP with the colors of contemporary CITY POP. It’s all about the overall color. I like the NEO TOKYO POP speech balloon. I hope you will enjoy feeling a little bit pop during these tough times.


My design concept is a jumbled mess of Sonny Angels. The theme, TOKYO CITY POP, brought all sorts of things to mind: hairstyles from different historical periods, Hachiko in Shibuya, love. I’ve put the piece together with these as inspiration. What stands out for me is the different hairstyles, the lettering I’ve used for the words “TOKYO CITY POP,” and the names of places around Shibuya that I’ve sprinkled here and there. I also like the color that hits you at first glance. Let’s break through the sense of obstruction that we have right now and move on to a new future.

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Masayoshi Akiyama

Born in Chiba,Japan in 1982.
Graduated from Central Art school Illustration Department in 2003.
Graduated from Pallet Club In 2006.
Awarded the 31st Contemporary Children’s Drawing Exhibition JAL.He draws a portraits and landscape, illustration of the city.
I am currently planning to host a personal exhibit at the Kitasawa Bar: Lastchance on December 16, 2020.