Sonny Angel


Working with the theme, which is TOKYO CITY POP, and the keywords “aesthetic fusion of old and new,” I came up with an image of Native Americans (Indians) in CITY POP colors and painted the clothes with red and yellow accents on a sky blue base. I was mindful to use dark colors, like the colors of Native American Indian hair, for the Shinba Inu dog hood sitting on Sonny Angel’s head. The spirit of the Native American people is to respect nature and honor other people. It is full of generosity and abundance. I’ve layered this spirit onto the mellow, deep genre of CITY POP to create a fusion. The stone in the necklace is natural turquoise. I often get ideas for the motifs in my paintings from plants and animals, which I hold in awe. I feel that’s influenced me in creating this work in this way.

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Book Farm Yamasaki Yumiko

Majored in sculpting in the faculty of art and design at Tama Art University.
Began as a web creator and is currently active as a freelance illustrator. She can draw and capture animals and plants with a gentle touch.
She works both with analog pieces, which make full use of the bleeds and warmth of clear watercolors, as well as fully digital, intricate pieces through CLIP STUDIO.
She is careful to capture the expressions, intricacies, and stories of animals in such a way that you can feel them. In addition to commercial illustrations, the items she makes are also available through Book Farm, an original brand.