Sonny Angel

New Release:“Sonny Angel HIPPERS”, a figure that decorates your items!

Sonny Angel

A new figure series, “HIPPERS” has arrived from Sonny Angel!
Hippers are a completely new decorative figure that can be attached to a computer or photo frame.
When attached to your items, Hippers will gently look after you.

Sonny Angel

The lineup includes 12 figures + secret Sonny Angels from our animal series.
“HIPPERS” feature a cute behind, adorable poses and warm smiles.

Sonny Angel

Hippers can be attached to mobile devices such as smartphones, to personal computers and small items around your desk such as pen stands and photo frames. No matter where you choose to put your Hipper, it will bring delight to your daily life.
* The adhesive sticker attached to the figure can be used repeatedly by moistening it with water.

* Pre-sale will start on September 30th at the “Hangzhou 2021 Sonny Angel Exhibition” in China! 「Hangzhou 2021 Sonny Angel Exhibition」
Event Schedule:30th September ,2021~21th November ,2021

* Pre-sale will start on September 30th at “Log-on” in Hong Kong!
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※『Sonny Angel HIPPERS』 will be released on 14th of October, 2021.
※Please note: Release date and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.