Sonny Angel

New Release: Sonny Angel mini figure -Valentine‘s Day Series- 2020

This year’s theme is “An adult style Valentine telling you“ LOVE ”. Sonny Angel, as your boyfriend, will appear dressed up in stylish fashion. Sonny Angel gives a gorgeous
impression different as usual by wearing a collared shirt with bow tie.

The chocolate that is melting from the headgear and costumes expresses the feeling of “you melt my heart”.
Why don’t you spend a little sweet Valentine with Sonny Angel this year?

■『Sonny Angel mini figure -Valentine‘s Day Series- 2020』Line up

Chocolate French Bulldog
Chocolate design on the left ear is the design point. He is trying to hand you a gift box.

Chocolate Rabbit
The color of strawberry and white chocolate is impressive. He came to see you dressed up in tie.

Chocolate Elephant
Chocolate is melting from the big ears. Guess who put a kiss mark on his cheek!

Chocolate Cat
The collared shirt makes him very stylish. Delivers “LOVE” to you together with white chocolate.

■『Sonny Angel mini figure -Valentine‘s Day Gift Box-』 is also available!!

A limited quantity Valentine’s Day series designed gift box will also be on sale.
There are four blind boxes inside. The box can be used as interior and as accessory box for your room.
Let’s give this gift box to your special together with your important feeling ♪

To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the birth of Sony Angel, “Sonny Angel 15th Anniversary Mook Book (tentative)” will be released !!

Details will be announced sequentially from Sonny Angel Official HP / Sonny Angel Official SNS!

Popularity vote for Sonny Angel regular series is also being held!
Its name is “Sonny Angel Regular Series General Election ~ Your Favorite Sonny Angel ~”
Will your favorite Sonny Angel be number one?

The voting results will be announced in the “Sonny Angel 15th Anniversary Mook Book (tentative title)” !! Please look forward to it♪

* On the Sonny Angel Official HP NEWS page on November 14, 2019, “ Sonny Angel 15th Anniversary Mook Book (tentative) ” was scheduled to be released in January 2020, but due to production delays the release schedule has been postponed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to customers waiting for products. The release date is scheduled for March 2020. Details will be announced sequentially from Sonny Angel Official HP / Sonny Angel Official SNS.

New Release: Sonny Angel mini figure Christmas Series

In this year’s Christmas series, Sonny Angel wearing a warm “knit” costume will come to you.
The mesh of hats and sweaters expresses the softness of “knit” as if it were really knitted.
In the coming winter season, warm your heart with Sonny Angel.

It seems to be fun to wear same things that those of Sonny Angel wearing.
Why don’t you spend warm time with Sonny Angel this Christmas?

■『Sonny Angel mini figure Christmas Series』 Line Up

Wool Sheep
A red sweater like Santa has a ball of wool design.

Wool Reindeer
A reindeer with a bright red nose. The matching reindeer pattern printed on the sweater is cute.

Wool Penguin
He wearing a hat like a Christmas tree. The muffler seems to be warm.

Wool Bear
Bear wearing a soft poncho. The point is the snowflake on the poncho.

■『Sonny Angel mini figure -Christmas Ornament Gift Box-』 is also available!!

“Sonny Angel mini figure -Christmas Ornament Gift Box-“ will also be released. This gift box includes a stocking-shaped felt ornament.
You can put Sonny angel in the stockings and decorate your room with a Christmas tree. (In addition to the Christmas tree, you can enjoy it by attaching it to a wall or door.)How about as a Christmas present or gift to give to your precious person?


“MASTER COLLECTION”, a new lineup from “Sonny Angel” who has been delivering healing to you based on the concept of “He may bring you happiness”!
The modeling gives a sense of life which has been made by a skilled teacher and the painting gives the depth to the handmade feeling also adds new charm to Sonny Angel.
In this first series, the most popular rabbit will bring healing and happiness to all around the world.

A special dish that brings happiness to loved ones.

“MASTER COLLECTION” is made of poly stone and has a special feeling.
There is an angel wing on the back, which is also a characteristic of Sonny Angel. It looks like a real soft wing.

The gentle expression seems to watch over you at any time. It gives a warm atmosphere that will heal you in a moment.
And it is also a great Sonny Angel gift for yourself and loved ones.

■ Pre-release at the Sonny Angel’s NEW event in GuangZhou!

21th September 2019 – 13th October 2019 “Sonny Angel MASTER COLLECTION -RABBIT-” will be pre-sold at the world’s fastest at the Sonny Angel’s NEW event in GuangZhou!

※Click here for detailed purchase method>>

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【Release date】* Limited quantity sales at official stores / official online stores in each country
Japan: Mid-November 2019(Scheduled to be released) online store
Ishigaki terrace: Mid-November 2019(Scheduled to be released)
China:23th October 2019(Scheduled to be released) online store
Hong Kong: 23th October 2019(Scheduled to be released) online store
Taiwan: Mid-November 2019(Scheduled to be released)
Korea: Mid-November 2019(Scheduled to be released)
USA: Late-December 2019 (Scheduled to be released)
Sales prices may vary depending on the country of sale.
For details, please contact the official store / online store of each country.

“MASTER COLLECTION” production process video is now available!

Sonny Angel’s NEW event IN GuangZhou!

Event period is from September 21, 2019 to October 13, 2019. Brand new Sonny Angel product will be shown for the first time!And also check the DIY workshop! Let’s go to enjoy Sonny Angel world!

GuangZhou HP>>

New Release : Sonny Angel IN NEW YORK

In the newest special series, a glamorous NY-style Sonny Angel debuts!
This series expresses the NY culture such as Broadway and Big Apple and the image of NY city.
When you look at Sonny Angel, which has a pop and flashy motif different from usual ones, you can feel the pleasant atmosphere.

Let’s go traveling with Sonny Angel!!

■『Sonny Angel mini figure IN NEW YORK』 Line Up

Statue of Liberty
The motif is the Statue of Liberty and Art. Pop color and a big crown are impressive.

He images the glittering neon and music flowing on Broadway. The top hat with neon lights is also perfect for the Broadway atmosphere.

Big Apple
Big Apple is a NY nickname. He is wearing a stylish T-shirt designed with illustrations of the NY cityscape.

Yellow Cab
It is the design of the yellow cab that runs the city of NY. Hats and T-shirts have been designed with the distinctive lattice pattern.

The Display Kit Box, which designed the city of NY, will also appear !! The Display Kit Box is a set of 4 Sonny Angel and a Display Kit.
If you decorate four Sonny Angel together, your room may be like NY …!?

*Sonny Angel IN NEW YORK will be released on Mid-September, 2019.
*Please note: Release date and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.

New Release: Sonny Angel mini figure Marine Series/Fruit Series

15 years have passed since the birth of Sonny Angel, who was born to make us all smile.
Sonny Angel has embraced the lives of people all over the world and has delivered smiles and healing. Following Animal Series “Refine” last year, Marin and Fruit Series will also “Refine” in August !!
Plus, Vegetable Series and Flower Series will also “refine” too this year.

Marine Series has a motif of sea creatures.
You will be healed by the Sonny Angel with lovely sea creature’s headgear.

Fruit Series has a motif of fruit.
Colorful fruit colors will make your room full of joy.

(Left: before refinement Right: after refinement)

The concept of “Refine” is “Small difference, more happiness.”
Sonny Angel has been reborn with improved details to deliver more happiness.

Let’s enjoy the charm of Sonny Angel with the Refined Regular Series !!

Sonny Angel Workshop will be held at A.D.NEEL Venus Fort store!

You can be the artist and make your unique Sonny Angel Artist Collection figure. ♪
Illustrator Msayoshi Aliyama will lecture and demonstrate. Special gifts will be available at the event so don’t miss this chance!

For details>>

New Release: Sonny Angel Circus Series

In the newest special series, Sonny Angel is dressed and ready for the circus!
The theme of this Circus Series is “a sense of the extraordinary and mysterious”. The Sonny Angel Circus Series will bring you joy and laughter with whimsical colors and fun designs.
Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages… the circus is starting right now in your room!

Collect all six Sonny Angels and enter into a world of fun at the Sonny Angel Circus.

■ Now introducing the stars of the Sonny Angel Circus!

The Ringmaster
Wearing a silk top hat and a jacket, he will guide you into Sonny Angel’s circus world!

The Elephant
He loves doing acrobatics as he balances a ball on his nose.

The Clown
With his bright red nose, the Clown brings happiness and laughter to all!

The Bear
With his party hat and ruffled collar, the Bear is styled to have fun at the circus!

The Circus Tent
No circus is complete without the circus tent. With its bright colors, he’s ready to bring the circus to you!

The Lion
This lion is definitely the king of the ring! With his crown and his ring of fire-inspired cape, he is ready for the show!

You never know what secret figures may join Sonny Angel at the circus!

■ Get the Sticker/Display card for free with the Circus Series ♪

By purchasing “Sonny Angel mini figure Circus Series”, you will receive an original sticker!!

Those who have purchased “Sonny Angel mini figure Circus Series” at Sonny Angel Official Online Store (Japan) and Sonny Angel Terrace (Ishigaki) will also receive a display card!!

*Sticker or display card will be included for each account including 1 or more “Sonny Angel mini figure Circus Series”.
*The conditions for distribution varies by country. For details: Please contact the store where you purchase.
*Please note: For orders of large number or orders from the same customer, you may be asked to adjust or we might limit the number of sticker and display card distribution.
*Please note: The sticker and display card distribution will end as soon as the stock ends.

*Sonny Angel Circus Series will be released on June 13, 2019
*Please note: Release date and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.
*In Japan,「Sonny Angel Circus Series」will sell on June 14th.
*Pre-order for Sonny Angel Circus Series are available to eligible members at Sonny Angel Official Online Store. (Applicable for Angel members and above)
For details>>
*Sonny Angel Circus Series can also be purchased from June 13 at “THE FACTORY BY DREAMS INC. B1F ippindo”.
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New Release: Sonny Angel mini figure -15th Anniversary Cake- Official Store Limited

Sonny Angel is dressed in birthday cakes to celebrate his 15th Anniversary!! The color of the birthday cakes and the animals’ expressions will surely give you that “yummy” feeling. Each cake includes a birthday message to add to the celebration. Sonny Angel 15th Anniversary Cake series comes in 4 kinds + secret.
Why don’t you celebrate this special 15th anniversary together with Sonny Angel?

■『Sonny Angel -15th Anniversary Cake-』lineup

Strawberry Cake Poodle
The poodle’s drooping ears are just like whipped cream on a cake. This figure celebrates the 15th anniversary with the message “Happy 15th Birthday Baby!”

Lemon Cake Cat
The cat is dressed in fresh lemon cake. “You are my treasure” is thanking Sonny Angel fans for 15 years of your friendship.

Blueberry Cake Sheep
The sheep’s horns and headdress resemble blueberries. “I’m glad I met you” is a message from Sonny Angel to you.

Mint Chocolate Cake Dalmatian
The pattern of the head of the dalmatian looks like a delicious chocolate chip.
The message, “Sonny Angel’s Special Day,” reminds us all that this figure celebrates Sonny Angel’s significant birthday.

■Display Box

A special Display Box containing 4 blind packages will also be on sale!
The design for the gift-set box is inspired by birthday parties full of colorful party crackers and decorations.

※This commemorative series will be released in advance at the “Sonny Angel 15th Birthday Party ~ New Found Happiness ~” on April 26th.

■About Birthday Event
『Sonny Angel 15th Birthday Party ~New Found Happiness~』
【Date】April 26, 2019~May 6, 2019
【Event Time】10:00am~6:00pm(last entry will be 5:30pm)
【Place】TAKADANOBABA「THE FACTORY BY DREAMS INC.」B1F Event space 4-2-28, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
※admission free

For details>>

*The commemorative series will also be sold in limited quantities from May 15th only at the Sonny Angel official online store (Japan, Korea, USA, China, Hong Kong)*.
*This series will also be sold at a later date and in limited quantities at official Sonny Angel stores in other countries.
*Please note: Release timing and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.