Sonny Angel

Make every birthday more special by celebrating with Sonny Angel. In this new series, Sonny Angel is wearing a much-loved plush bear costume!


This is a new BIRTHDAY GIFT series!
Sonny Angel, wearing a plush bear costume, will help to celebrate your birthday or your friend’s special day with balloons, cakes and presents. Sonny Angel is sitting like a plush bear sweetly presenting gifts.
He wants to convey the sentiment, “Congratulations”. His warm smile and tender pose let you know that Sonny Angel is gently watching over your feelings.


There is a space on the top of each package where you can write the name of the person to whom you will give this special BIRTHDAY GIFT. Share your love of Sonny Angel with those you love.

■『Sonny Angel BIRTHDAY GIFT -Bear-』Line up


Heart Balloon

He has a heart-shaped balloon. The big ribbon on his neck is so cute.


Birthday Cake Hug

He hugs a birthday cake.Share Sonny Angel with a special loved one.


Star Balloon

He has a star-shaped balloon.He shows that this is a day for celebration.


Heart Hug

He hugs a heart-shaped balloon.Sonny Angel expresses your special feelings.


Present Hug

He hugs a gift-wrapped present.What could be in the box?


Round Balloon

He holds a round balloon.The party begins with Sonny Angel!

※『Sonny Angel BIRTHDAY GIFT -Bear-』 will be released on 29th January, 2021.
※Please note: Release date and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.

“China limited lottery release” Sonny Angel x STEAM ARTS special trophy series will be on sale!

Steamarts Sonny Angel

A special trophy in collaboration with Chinese design creator “STEAM ARTS”will be on sale by lottery only at Sonny Angel Online Store (China).
All steampunk designs are handmade.
It is the beautiful work with only 6 bodies in the world.

The application period is until December 12th. Apply as soon as possible!
For more information, please visit Sonny Angel Online Store (China).
* Shipping will be limited to China.

A Collaboration of 18 Different Artist Groups in Japan: We Are Pleased to Announce An Art Collection Exhibit with One-of-a-Kind Art Pieces

A Collection of Art from 18 Trending Creator Groups in Japan: The “Sonny Angel Japan Creator’s Exhibition 2020”.
18 different creator groups from all across Japan have contributed a total 25 art pieces across a broad range of genres.
Each one of the figures is entirely handmade and the only of its kind in the world.
You’ll find the Sonny Angel series in never-before-seen designs filled will ideas borne out of the spontaneous inspiration and expression of each creator’s style.

During the duration of the exhibit, Sonny Angel will be collaborating with Cafe au lait Tokyo
to bring you a limited-time Sonny Angel cafe menu alongside various Sonny Angel related merchandise.
The exhibited works will be available for purchase in a lottery format at our online store following the event.

Autumn is traditionally a season to appreciate art in Japan, so why not sate your creative appetite with Sonny Angel?
We are eagerly awaiting your visit.

Exhibition Schedule

Event Schedule
2020 November 20 (Friday) – November 29 (Sunday) 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (final entry 5:30 pm)
1st Floor Event Space “THE FACTORY BY DREAMS INC.”
4-2-28, Takadababa, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Directions: After getting off at JR Takadababa Station, make a right at the Toyama Exit ticket booth and it will be around a 20 second walk.
Entry Free
As coronavirus safety measure, we will be limiting the number of people admitted during crowded hours.
We would like to ask that you please wear a mask while at the exhibit.
Special Assistant

How to Buy

●Because every one of the art pieces is handmade and one-of-a-kind, all of the works on exhibit will be available for purchase through a lottery system at our online store.

●You can submit your application for the lottery on the Sonny Angel official online store or at the event venue between November 20, 2020 (Friday) – November 29, 2020 (Sunday). Please note that all payments will be made through the online store, so you will need to register as a member on our online store before you can make any purchases.

Introducing the Participating Creators

●Special Assistant

This event was made possible thanks to the full support of the lifestyle shop A.D.NEEL and many different artists. You can check out the A.D.NEEL official site for more information on the participating artists’ works.

  • ayano katayama

  • chicu.

  • Nanami

  • ruff

  • nisenchimentaru

  • Honey Sugar

  • Nine-Five Gears

  • Muramatsu Ayumi

  • YOU

  • N845 Hitsuta Narumi

  • oba:oba


  • “little shop” Fukushi Etsuko

  • ラララ(rarara)

  • Shunichi Kawasaki

  • Kinseitou Hyakkaten

  • Ratako

  • Masayoshi Akiyama


Born in 1987.
She likes to draw inspiration from the natural, beautiful forms of nature in his works., and is currently absorbed in the unique shapes of “microorganisms”. She likes to employ delicate, fine touches and vibrant shading using paints and pens to create works that include one-of-a-kind custom brooches.


Illustrator/Small Articles Artist: chicu
Born in Fukuoka, and a resident of Fukuoka.
2010 Artist name: chichu. Begins working as an artist under the name chicu
2013 Started releasing works under the brand yura2chicu.
Continued to illustrate on a daily basis, putting works on display through independent exhibits and events.
My aim is to create an art style that’s not too sappy or too sic, and has the power to “light the heart”.


Born in Chiba. A illustrator whose works are based on a theme of journies to foreign countries.
After graduating from the Tokai University Department of Law, he traveled to Spain, and was significantly influenced by the country’s culture and architecture.
She then began working at a general company and began drawing illustrations to make her own general goods from around 2017.
She is currently active in making and selling his original-design products while participating in exhibits.

[Career Activities]
 May: Had her works published in the 38th release of MegRu magazine
 June: Kamiwaza Exhibit (AAA Gallery/Yokohama)
 July: begins selling her products through commissioned sales at A.D.NEÉL Venus Fort Branch
    Received the cells-illustration-vol.19 award (Design Festa Gallery/Harajuku)
 September: cells-illustration-vol.19 Exhibition of Award-Winning Works (Tokyo Art Lab/Kamata)
 October: A Journey Overseas with a Pen a Paper: The Phantasmagorical Artist and the Paper-Cutting Sculpture Collaboration Exhibit
 November: Works displayed in Design Festa vol. 52
    Gajin Garo Web Individual Exhibit “Wanderlust” on the Kawachi Gazai (Drawing Materials) home page

 January: Illustrator’s Exhibit (Owens Yachiyo Public Gallery/Chiba)
 March: Art Japan and Taiwan 2021 in London (London)



I like to use an analog medium for my works such as pencils, paints, recycled paper, and foil stamps, but I also like to combine them with digital elements in my drawings and collages to produce a world with an antique, faintly dim atmosphere. My primary artistic activities include participation in exhibits and design festivals, and I plan to host a personal exhibit in December of 2020.


In 2014, we formed the group “2sentimental”.
We work as a pair and are based in Tokyo.
We used acrylics to merge a sense of two-dimensionality and depth to produce an new artistic perspective for the viewer.
Our goal is use motifs such as living creatures and dinosaurs to produce colorful, catchy works of art.


Honey Sugar

I make resin accessories based on themes of constellations and my works all live in a fictional, fantasy world of shooting stars.
I first stumbled upon resin nine years ago.
Though I had to put it down for a short while because of my work obligations, I used my layoff as an opportunity to invest more time into my personal hobbies and got back into working with resin.
During a visit to my hometown, I found myself incredibly moved by the sight of the beautiful starry sky and the experience prompted me to begin combining stars and resin in my creations.
Currently, I mostly conduct most of my sales online, and will have my works exhibited at commission-based events.


Nine-Five Gears is small, private brand where we make our original characters and clothing using actual broken antique clock accessories as a base. These broken clocks have all stopped moving. Everything we make at nine-five gears is infused with our hope that the remnants of their nameless memories can begin weaving their way through time once more.


We specialize in plastic arts using a clay medium, illustrations, and animation based on living creatures.
The foundation of our artistic inspiration began with an attraction to old objects that have been passed down over time, and our works attempt to recreate creatures we can imagine through motifs of fossils and yokai demons.
Our artwork is featured primarily in events like the Wonder Festival and Design Festa, as well as various art galleries throughout the city.
These works aren’t limited to the exhibit setting; we also manufacture and sell capsule toy merchandise.


Graduated from the Scenography, Display and Fashion Design Department at Musashino Art University
Fashioned art pieces which were displayed at exhibits in Paris, France.
Worked on produces more works of arts while taking a working holiday to Germany.

I like to use an analog medium to depict space and fictional cities in my illustrations.


N845 Hitsuta Narumi

Born in 1992. I began making accessories as a hobby, but this eventually got me into working with UV resin, which I used to start designing products such as smartphone cases.
In recent years, my designs have been mainly based on steampunk and post-apocalyptic genres. I aim to create a setting in my works that emphasizes the variety of “colors” in worlds with a pervasive sense of futility and a melancholic nostalgia.


Glassblowing Craftsman & Illustrator
I design my art pieces while envisioning the ephemeral and unique forms of deep-sea organisms and bacteria in deep, lush forests. I like to use borosilicate glass and a method known as lampworking in my works.
I pour my heart into each of my creations in the hopes that they may put a smile on the faces those who come across them, even if just for a moment.


I am an artist that works with junkyard scrap art! I like to create designs and small articles that can inspire a sense of excitement.
The paper articles, accessories, and ornaments I make are based on motifs of constellations, plants, and minerals.


“little shop” Fukushi Etsuko

Graduated from the Graphic Design department of Tama Art University. A graduate of Palette Club School. Worked as a graphic designer for a clothing/general goods manufacturer.
After working for 5 years as a designer at a general goods clothing store with an inventory that included general goods (cloth articles/stationery/kitchenware)/clothing/DM/packaging (general goods/snacks), he became a freelance illustrator/designer.
Handled project proposals of character-themed products, children’s clothing, stationery, cosmetic tools, various miscellaneous products, and other novelties at amusement parks and stores. Created illustrations for advertisements, books, magazines, online, and on TV.

2003-present: Started the brand “little shop” with original general goods. Released new animal-themed (most notably for squirrel designs) general goods every year and was recognized as a “Chipmunk Artist”. She also has experience in the sales of general goods at stores like LOFT, Tokyo Hands, Marui, Parco. Her products can be found in zoos and zoo cafes. She conducts the sales of her squirrel goods in collaboration with various corporations.
Her “Risu Cafe” is celebrating its 12th year and 10th event this year, and she also hosts various personal and group exhibits for her works.
2016: Released a book titled “Love Hōbukuro” (Tatsumi publication). 2016/2017: Conducted sales of toy figures at the Taipei Toy Festival



A Creator of Niche Accessories of Unknown Demand
My works primarily consist of accessories based on a theme of peculiar items for takers with unique tastes.
In addition to commissioned sales, I also conduct in-person sales at events all across Japan.


Shunichi Kawasaki

I am a picture book writer and an animal painter. I was born in 1990 at Osaka JAPAN. After leaving a trading company, I am working to convey the fun of the ecosystem and the connection with our lives through expression. Active in exhibitions, publications, book illustrations, talk shows, etc.! My picture book “Umigami Meguri” will be translated and published in Beijing soon.


Kinseitou Hyakkaten

The Kinseitō Hyakkaten (Venus Lamp General Goods Store) is stocked with general goods, handmade items and associated stories that evoke a sense of nostalgia. The items in the store are based on a theme of a mysterious department store.
One of the characters that appears in the story is a space-traveling white cat named Maika, an original character who sprang out of a fictional science fiction novel. Some of her charming features include her triangular ears and a retro-style spacesuit.


Born in Osaka. Graduated from the VD2 Course at Kyoto Saga Art College. Completed graduate degree in the Saga University Design Course. After working as an assistant in the Kyoto Saga University Illustration Course, he moved to Tokyo and began working as a freelance artist.


Masayoshi Akiyama

Born in Chiba,Japan in 1982.
Graduated from Central Art school Illustration Department in 2003.
Graduated from Pallet Club In 2006.
Awarded the 31st Contemporary Children’s Drawing Exhibition JAL.He draws a portraits and landscape, illustration of the city.
I am currently planning to host a personal exhibit at the Kitasawa Bar: Lastchance on December 16, 2020.

An Introduction to the Works

For Details>>

New Release: 『Christmas Presents from Sonny Angel』

Christmas Presents from Sonny Angel

This Christmas, Sonny Angel has a Christmas present for you♪ Dressed in Santa Claus costume, Sonny Angel has prepared gifts for you including a snow globe, poinsettia, and mittens. Another of the gifts is a plush version of Sonny Angel’s friend, Robby.

Christmas Presents from Sonny Angel Christmas Presents from Sonny Angel

Sonny Angel’s generous spirit is clearly depicted in this series with each version presenting a gift.
You will also notice different positioning of the Santa hats relative to the figure’s headdress. Any night can be Christmas Eve when you spend it with Sonny Angel!

■『Christmas Presents from Sonny Angel』Line up

Christmas Presents from Sonny Angel

Stuffed Robby

A reindeer presents a stuffed Robby. Robby is wearing the same Santa hat as Sonny Angel.

Christmas Presents from Sonny Angel

Wrapped Present

A cheetah presents a wrapped gift box. What did Sonny Angel put in the box with the pretty bow?

Christmas Presents from Sonny Angel

Christmas Stocking

A sloth presents a Christmas stocking. The expression of the sloth is festive.

Christmas Presents from Sonny Angel


A hedgehog presents a Poinsettia. The way the Santa hat sits on his head is adorable.

Christmas Presents from Sonny Angel


A koala presents mittens to keep your hands warm. The characteristically large ears of the koala are prominent.

Christmas Presents from Sonny Angel

Snow Globe

A lop-earred rabbit presents a snowman snow globe♪ His long ears hanging from the Santa hat are so cute.

※『Christmas Presents from Sonny Angel』 will be released on 19th November, 2020.
※Please note: Release date and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.

New Release:「Sonny Angel-Chinoiserie Series-」(※Limited sale only in China)

Sonny Angel Chinoiserie Series

The Chinese limited series Sonny Angel is now available!
Traditional Chinese culture such as Chinese paper cutting and dyeing are combined with Sonny Angel to create a gorgeous and unique design.

Sonny Angel Chinoiserie Series

While retaining the retro feel peculiar to China, he wears unique costumes for each motif. It goes very well with Chinese-style accessories ♪

■『Sonny Angel – Chinoiserrie Series –』 LINE UP

灵猴抱瓷 / Porcelain Monkey

The motif is the famous Chinese “dyed porcelain”. The delicate color expresses the transparency of dyed porcelain.
It is very cute to hold the beautiful dyed porcelain firmly♪

风鸢金禽 / Kite Cockerel

With the motif of “kites”, which is one of the traditional Chinese crafts, the gorgeous colors make the whole atmosphere more lively.
The design of the cloak expresses the image of a kite flying up.

虎头帽儿 / Tiger-like Cap

He wears a traditional children’s hat with a tiger design.
The appearance of wearing old-fashioned cheongsam is also very lovely.

京剧越鸟 / Peking Opera Peacock

His make-up is based on the image of China’s most influential theatrical “Jingju”.
The design of the cloud shoulder expresses the elegant image unique to Jingju.

中华之宝 / Chinese Panda

The charm point of the panda, which is a representative animal in China, is its heart-shaped nose!
Tea pot that he has expresses the traditional Chinese tea culture. Wearing the traditional Chinese ” GUA PI MAO “, it’s very cute!

刻纸福兔 / Paper Cutting Rabbit

It is designed with the motif of “paper cutting”, which is a traditional Chinese folk art.
The popular rabbit is wearing a traditional red paper-cut outfit! Red is a symbol of happiness, so good luck may come when he is by your side♪

【Release date】
『Sonny Angel-Chinoiserie Series-』 will be released on 1st November, 2020 at TMALL 双11.

『Sonny Angel-Chinoiserie Series-』 will be released on 30th November, 2020 in China.
※Please note: Release date and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.
※Please note: This is a limited series sold only in China. It will not be sold in other overseas countries.

For Details>>

New Release:『Sonny Angel in Space Adventure』

Sonny Angel in Space Adventure

In “Sonny Angel in Space Adventure”, Sony Angel wearing costumes of various motifs such as astronauts, rockets, sun and moon will appear under the theme of “space”!
Please also pay attention to the unique design that makes you want to imagine the story of adventure.

Sonny Angel in Space Adventure Sonny Angel in Space Adventure

The design of this series has a retro and nostalgic atmosphere. Sonny Angel in Space Adventure figures are even cuter when you display them with other space-themed items. Turn your room into a cosmic universe.

■『Sonny Angel in Space Adventure』 Lineup


The ears of the helmet are shaped like the feather of Sonny Angel. He is geared up to go on an adventure into the unknown!!

Sonny Angel in Space Adventure


His costume is graduated blue, like the night sky, with buttons in the shapes of different stages of the moon. Rabbit ears also match the image of the moon.

Sonny Angel in Space Adventure


This alien has a mouth shaped like the mouth of an octopus… so cute! The cape is designed in the image of an alien foot.

Sonny Angel in Space Adventure


Earth has the image of a retro globe. It’s like a knowledgeable astronomer. He wears an adorable cape and hat!

Sonny Angel in Space Adventure


The gorgeous robe he wore is like the king of the sun.The ribbon closure of his robe reflects his importance in the Solar System.

Sonny Angel in Space Adventure


The rocket design and constellation prints create a retro image. The design of his cape recalls a booster rocket!

Sonny Angel in Space Adventure

※『Sonny Angel mini figure Sonny Angel in Space Adventure』 will be released on 15th October, 2020.
※Please note: Release date and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.

New Release:「Sonny Angel Artist Collection -Collaboration with Kangyong Cai (Kevin Tsai)-」

Collaoration with Kangyong Cai

This series is our first collaboration with the artist, Kangyong Cai (Kevin Tsai). You may find yourself asking, what kind of designs will result from the association of Taiwan’s top entertainer with Sonny Angel?

In this Artist Collection, Sonny Angel is dressed up more stylishly than usual. He is wearing a long coat. The crow on his hat is a trademark design element of CAI. The rainbow colors of the crow accentuate the overall brightness of the figure and contribute to a more attractive design. The bow tie worn by Sonny Angel is also fashioned in rainbow colors.

Collaoration with Kangyong Cai

The Sonny Angel concept, “He may bring you Happiness ?!”, is in sympathy with Cai’s philosophy, which makes this collaboration quite natural. In addition to Sonny Angel’s typical message of “healing”, these collaboration figures offer the “courage” to fight for ourselves and deliver the message of “living freely in our own way.”

-Brave as me-

“Don’t be afraid of difficulties; move forward with courage.”
The feathers on the back of the cloak remind us to spread our wings of courage and fly freely. “Be Free!” printed on the back of the figure prompts us to exercise courage and move forward to overcome difficulties.

Collaoration with Kangyong Cai

-Best of you-

“Be true to yourself; don’t worry how others perceive you”
This figure is designed with a white cloak and top hat with stars that shine like you when you chase your dreams. “Love yourself” on the back conveys the message “When you love yourself, others will love you more!”

Collaoration with Kangyong Cai

※『Sonny Angel Artist Collection -Collaboration with Kangyong Cai-』 will be pre-released in China on 27th September, 2020.
※『Sonny Angel Artist Collection -Collaboration with Kangyong Cai (Kevin Tsai)-』 will be released in other countries in Mid-October, 2020.
※Please note: Release date and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.

Sonny Angel Online Store has been renewed!

SonnyAngel renewal

Sonny Angel Online Store has renewaled today.
Sonny Angel was born in Japan in 2004.Loved by people all over the world as a “little boyfriend”, he is celebrating his 16th anniversary this year.

Our renewed online store will offer services and content that will allow you to enjoy Sonny Angel even further. We aim to be a store that will be more satisfying to all who use it daily.
In addition to the Sonny Angel Online Store renewal, we are making plans to refresh the online experience for all Sonny Angel fans. We hope you will visit the new site frequently to learn more.
Sonny Angel will continue to deliver healing and smiles to your daily life.

Sonny Angel Online Store>>

To celebrate the reopening of Sonny Angel’s online store, we are pleased to give our “Sonny Angel Original Magnet” as a present for online purchase over JPY 3,000 (excluding tax and all other administration fees)
Sonny Angel sheep drawn on a delicate outline. It is like your gentle guardian angel! Decorate it as an interior and stay with the Sonny Angel at all times!

About Renewal Campaign>>

A new “Member Ranking System”
Along with our renovation, we are pleased to announce a new “membership program” with special offers on our online store. It is a member ranking system with discounts based on your purchase amount in the past 12 months.

For Detail>>

In addition, to celebrate the reopening of Sonny Angel’s online store, a limited number of items such as Sonny Angel Terrace items and Sonny Angel Face Mask have appeared!
A set of Okinawa-exclusive items such as pineapple curry and a cute outdoor pouch- it’s all the Sonny Angel products you need for your nice lifestyle!
And new release 「Sonny Angel Face Mask」!

For Details>>


Sonny Angel Terrace 石垣島

We would like to inform you that Sonny Angel Terrace Ishigaki will be temporarily closed until further notice. While there is still much uncertainty with respect to the impacts of COVID-19, the safety and well-being of customers and local community remains our top priority.

September 01 – until further notice

We deeply apologize and we understand this temporarily closed is an inconvenience for customers that have planned a trip to Ishigaki.
Thank you for your ongoing support, patience and understanding.

If you have any questions or requests during this time, you can contact us on []
We will make an announcement on official website and our SNS (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) as soon as the date of reopening has been decided.

Best Wishes,

New Release: 『Sonny Angel mini figure Sonny Angel in Wonderland』

Sonny Angel got lost in Wonderland!?
“Sonny Angel mini figure Sonny Angel in Wonderland” is released with the theme of the world-famous fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”!
Attention is paid to the design that mixes the somewhat suspicious atmosphere of “Alice in Wonderland” and the cuteness of Sonny Angel.

Characters that are familiar in the original works such as Sonny and White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat appeared in Wonderland. Hasn’t everyone seen it once?
The features of each motif are reproduced in detail in the costumes worn by the six Sonny Angel.
Even if you like “Alice in Wonderland,” it has a cute design that makes you want to decorate your room.

■『Sonny Angel mini figure Sonny Angel in Wonderland』Line up

Sonny has blue eyes and a large ribbon. The keys and butterfly silhouettes designed for the costume are also pretty.

Mad Hatter
The stack of hats he wears is eye-catching. You may be invited to a mysterious tea party…?

Rabbit has a big watch. He will take you to Wonderland with Sonny.

He wears Trump costume. It features a diamond ace design.

Cheshire Cat
The unusual pattern of a Cheshire cat is designed. 太く伸びた尻尾が特徴的です。

A pale pink teapot. Would you like to spend a wonderful tea time with him?

※『Sonny Angel mini figure Sonny Angel in Wonderland』 will be released on 29th July, 2020.
※Please note: Release date and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.