Sonny Angel

Sonny Angel Official Website has refined!

Sonny Angel Official Website has refined!

Along with refined regular series mini figures, our official website has refined based on the concept “small difference, more happiness.”.

Official website will make all of us smile and to add a little fun to our lives, just like Sonny Angel!

Enjoy various expressions that Sonny Angel will show along with updates of seasons & new information.

Thank you for your sincere support.

Sonny Angel Official Store Taiwan 10/17(WED)OPEN!

Taiwan’s first official store is coming!

October 17 (Wed), Sonny Angel Official Store Taiwan will open on ATT 4 FUN B1!

Before opening, Sonny Angel photo spot has appeared at ATT 4 FUN entrance! Take a picture together and share it to your friends on facebook! We are holding a campaign which winners get a nice prize!

Sonny Angel Official Store Taiwan facebook page is here≫

To give everyone more smile and healing, Sony Angel will “refine”!

“Small difference, more happiness.”

For those who already enjoy Sony Angel, I hope more people will be happy! The Sony Angel regular series has refined. Initially, we will refine Sonny Angel Animal versions 1-4.

In the “Healing forest of Sonny Angel in Shanghai” event which started on September 21,it’s worldwide first be on sale! Artist collection workshop and Sonny Angel exhibition are there also! Please come to enjoy!

[ Refine Sonny Angel Animal versions 1-4 on sale date ]

On sale from October 1, 2018. (Date may differ in each regions) Detailed information will be notified at each country’s SNS.

New Release: Sonny Angel Artist Collection -My Sweet Honey-

New so sweet honey covered Sonny Angel!

13th Artist Collection’s design concept is “Angel boy is my one & only steady.”! Honey design stands for “Sweet” & “Steady”, so sweet and adorable!

Expected to be released on September 13th, 2018 (JST).

Check it out at our Sonny Angel Store >>

Special Present Campaign for Halloween Series

1pc of Halloween Design Original Display Card for orders including more than 1pc of Sonny Angel From the all Series.(September 13th~)

* Only 1 card will be included per 1 order.
* Available only while present stocks last.
* Campaign also applies to preorder at our online Japanese Sonny Angel Store.

We will distribute at the online store(Japan) and other stores handled by each country. About stores, please contact to SA official of each nation.

New Release: Sonny Angel Halloween Series!

Dreamy color “Yume Kawaii” Halloween!

This year’s Halloween series’ theme is “Dreamy Halloween”, designed fully with pastel colors.
Excite the room with Halloween mood as an interior, and as well you can enjoy the “Yume Kawaii” Halloween party decorating together with sweets.

Expected to be released on September 13th, 2018 (JST).

Check it out at our Sonny Angel Store >>

Sonny Angel Beach Campaign Winners!

We’ll now announce the winners!
Thank you all for participating the “Sonny Angel Beach” photo contest campaign. From so many wonderful posts, we fairly elected the winners.

Hurry to “Sonny Angel Beach” special page to check the winner’s photos!

Sonny Angel Shanghai event is coming soon!

Sonny Angel Shanghai Forest Event is going to launch!

Shanghai event special figure series will meet you in the event starting from Sep.21st.(Fri.)

In addition, you can enjoy the Artist Collection DIY workshop on the scene.

It is also a great opportunity to see the rare figures, catch this chance!

For more details>>

【From 7/5!】”Sonny Angel Beach” opened today!

Celebrating release of Sonny Angel Summer Series 2018, “Sonny Angel Beach” opened today! From release day of Summer Series 2018, tomorrow, “Sonny Angel Beach” campaign starts!

This is very different from former photo contests.
Your posted photos might have a chance being displayed as poster or advertisement!

Check “Sonny Angel Beach” special page for further detail.

Let’s enjoy summer everyone!

New Release: Sonny Angel Summer Series!

Let’s enjoy summer vacation swimming with Sonny Angel!

This years summer series are so cute and colorful, makes best of us want to hop outside and take photos together!
Penguin & Whale caps adds loveliness!

To be released on July 5th, 2018 (JST).

Check it out at our Sonny Angel Store >>