Sonny Angel

New Release: Sonny Angel Valentine’s Day series!

Enjoy Sony Angel like a real chocolate♪

sonny angel mini figure valentine's day

The 2019 Sonny Angel Valentine’s Day series was based on the theme of “Valentine’s Day to my dearest”

Chocolate Fawn is having a red heart in front of its chest,
It encourages you to convey your feelings to those who are important.

Chocolate Rabbit:

Chocolate Rabbit

Designed with the image of melty bitter chocolate.
It looks so delicious !

Chocolate Fawn

Chocolate Fawn

Designed with the image of milk chocolate.
The heart pattern on its head.

Chocolate Mouse

Chocolate Mouse

Designed with the image of white chocolate.
Its right ear is covered with milk chocolate.

Chocolate Sheep

Chocolate Sheep

Designed with the image of strawberry chocolate.
Kiss mark on its cheek give a sweet impression.

“Sonny Angel mini figure Gift box – Happy Valentine’s Day Gift-” released simultaneously

We will also release gift boxes in limited quantities. 4 products in this gift box.
When you open the box, a pop-up card surprises you!
* Special shopping bag is also included.

For inquiries >>

To be released on January 17th, 2019 (JST).
* As for the release and specification of the product, it may be changed, postponed or canceled due to various circumstances. Please note.

Sonny Angel Gift Wrapping Bag!

Sonny Angel’s symbolic “Rabbit” motif gift bag is coming soon!
Available in 2 sizes.

Starting from December 21st will be available at Sonny Angel Official Online Store China.

Also will be released sequentially at Sonny Angel Official Stores worldwide. 1

Announcement from Sonny Angel Terrace Seoul

Hello, This is “Sonny Angel Terrace Seoul”. “Sonny Angel Terrace Seoul”, which has been open in Seoul to communicate with its fans, will close on January 31, 2019. We want to thank the customers who have loved and cared for “Sonny Angel Terrace Seoul”.

Sonny Angel Hong Kong Official Online Store OPEN

Sonny Angel Hong Kong Official Online Store will now start!

November 15th 12:00PM GRAND OPEN

Register to a member and get bonus SA points!
So many good specials as an official are ready!
Collect SA points & get exclusive items!

<<Migrating membership data from online store Japan>>

For members registered at Japan’s SA official online store are able to migrate membership (including SA points) to Hong Kong online store.Please access to the link below.

New Release: Sonny Angel Christmas Series!

Enjoy classic Christmas style with timeless Sonny Angel!
The 2018 Sonny Angel Christmas series was inspired by traditional Christmas cards and antique picture books.
Classic Christmas colors make Sonny Angel reminiscent of Christmases past.

Gold and pearl painted Christmas tree decorations are elegant and festive.

■Classic designs with traditional Christmas motifs

◇Classic Santa
A large sleigh bell is attached to his hat. The poinsettia on his chest is for good luck.

◇Classic Reindeer
His fluffy collar recalls the fur on a reindeer’s neck.

◇Church Bell
The hat with large ribbon and the decorations on his clothes were inspired by church bells.

◇Christmas Angel
The crown of stars and holly leaves symbolize a holy night. Holly leaves and berries on the chest adds more holiday charm.

To be released on November 15th, 2018 (JST).
* As for the release and specification of the product, it may be changed, postponed or canceled due to various circumstances. Please note.

The first Sonny Angell workshop in Malaysia! Special trainer will join!

Sonny Angel workshop will be held for first time in Malaysia!
Lisette Scheers, from Nala Design, will be invited as a special trainer and join! Event will be held as the following schedule.


October 27th, 2018 11:00~13:00/15:00~17:00
October 28th, 2018 11:00~13:00/15:00~17:00
(Total of 4 lessons, 2 hours each time.)




“Nala Design” Lisette Scheers

■Participation fee


■The number of participants

Up to 12 people for each time, 48 people in total.
(Depending on the reservation situation, It is possible to join without reservation.)

Sonny Angel masking tape and Nala Design goods will be handed as a gift to participants.

For more details please contct below.
ISETAN The Japan Store I club service counter in 3F (+60-3-2141-7777)

Nala Design HP:
Nala Design is a lifestyle brand that specializes in pattern design.
Everything is illustrated by hand and all the designs and colors encapsulate the diversity of South East-Asia.

Sonny Angel Official Website has refined!

Sonny Angel Official Website has refined!

Along with refined regular series mini figures, our official website has refined based on the concept “small difference, more happiness.”.

Official website will make all of us smile and to add a little fun to our lives, just like Sonny Angel!

Enjoy various expressions that Sonny Angel will show along with updates of seasons & new information.

Thank you for your sincere support.

Sonny Angel Official Store Taiwan 10/17(WED)OPEN!

Taiwan’s first official store is coming!

October 17 (Wed), Sonny Angel Official Store Taiwan will open on ATT 4 FUN B1!

Before opening, Sonny Angel photo spot has appeared at ATT 4 FUN entrance! Take a picture together and share it to your friends on facebook! We are holding a campaign which winners get a nice prize!

Sonny Angel Official Store Taiwan facebook page is here≫

To give everyone more smile and healing, Sony Angel will “refine”!

“Small difference, more happiness.”

For those who already enjoy Sony Angel, I hope more people will be happy! The Sony Angel regular series has refined. Initially, we will refine Sonny Angel Animal versions 1-4.

In the “Healing forest of Sonny Angel in Shanghai” event which started on September 21,it’s worldwide first be on sale! Artist collection workshop and Sonny Angel exhibition are there also! Please come to enjoy!

[ Refine Sonny Angel Animal versions 1-4 on sale date ]

On sale from October 1, 2018. (Date may differ in each regions) Detailed information will be notified at each country’s SNS.

New Release: Sonny Angel Artist Collection -My Sweet Honey-

New so sweet honey covered Sonny Angel!

13th Artist Collection’s design concept is “Angel boy is my one & only steady.”! Honey design stands for “Sweet” & “Steady”, so sweet and adorable!

Expected to be released on September 13th, 2018 (JST).

Check it out at our Sonny Angel Store >>