Sonny Angel

Sonny Angel POP UP STORE” will be held at Shibuya Scramble Square, the center of Japanese culture! “Sonny Angel Japan Creator’s Exhibition Vol.2” will be held at the same time, displaying and selling only one artist collection in the world by domestic artists!

Sonny Angel is loved all over the world and celebrates its 17th anniversary this year.
We will hold “Sonny Angel POP UP STORE” at “Shibuya Scramble Square”, the center of Japanese culture.
In this POP UP STORE, not only will Sonny Angel products be sold, but there will be plenty of content that can only be seen here! The products for sale will be released soon. Please look forward to it!

In addition, “Sonny Angel Japan Creator’s Exhibition Vol.2”, which was held in November last year and was very popular, will be held at the same time in the store. This time, the second installment, a total of 16 domestic creators selected from a wide range of genres will appear under the theme of “TOKYO CITY POP”. Each one of the figures is entirely handmade and the only of its kind in the world. Works that embody “TOKYO CITY POP”, which combines analog expression and digital techniques, are gathered together. Please look forward to a new Sonny Angel that you have never seen before.

For Details of “Sonny Angel Japan Creator’s Exhibition Vol.1”>>

We are eagerly awaiting your visit.


Event Schedule
2021 August 12 (Thursday) – August 18 (Wednesday) 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
* Please note:Operating hour are subject to change due to the issuance of a state of emergency.
Please check the Shibuya Scramble Square website for the latest information.
5th Floor Event Stage 5B “SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE”
2-24-12, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo<MAP>
Entry Free
As coronavirus safety measure, we will be limiting the number of people admitted during crowded hours.
We would like to ask that you please wear a mask while at the exhibit.

About the sale of works at “Sonny Angel Japan Creator’s Exhibition Vol.2”

• We accept cash or credit cards for purchases at the venue.
• Please understand that purchases made at the event will not count for SA points.
• Works will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that we cannot accept reserves.
• Please do not enter to purchase so you can resell.
• Please be aware that all the pieces are handmade, and therefore may have slight smudges or scratches, which does not mean they are defective.
• The pieces do not come packaged in boxes.
• We do not accept delivery of works purchased at the venue and products sold at POP UP STORE.

Introducing the Participating Creators

●Special Assistant

This event was made possible thanks to the full support of the lifestyle shop A.D.NEEL and many different artists. You can check out the A.D.NEEL official site for more information on the participating artists’ works.

  • ayano katayama

  • N845 Hitsuta Narumi

  • Nanami

  • Masayoshi Akiyama

  • nisenchimentaru

  • oba:oba

  • Ginga Tetsudo

  • Hachimitsu Ginko

  • Book Farm Yamasaki Yumiko

  • Mitanihara Nana

  • mono96me/Omi

  • Hermetale Garden

  • zoomie


Born in 1987.
She likes to draw inspiration from the natural, beautiful forms of nature in his works., and is currently absorbed in the unique shapes of “microorganisms”. She likes to employ delicate, fine touches and vibrant shading using paints and pens to create works that include one-of-a-kind custom brooches.


N845 Hitsuta

Born in 1992. I began making accessories as a hobby, but this eventually got me into working with UV resin, which I used to start designing products such as smartphone cases.
In recent years, my designs have been mainly based on steampunk and post-apocalyptic genres. I aim to create a setting in my works that emphasizes the variety of “colors” in worlds with a pervasive sense of futility and a melancholic nostalgia.


Born in Chiba. A illustrator whose works are based on a theme of journies to foreign countries.
After graduating from the Tokai University Department of Law, he traveled to Spain, and was significantly influenced by the country’s culture and architecture.
She then began working at a general company and began drawing illustrations to make her own general goods from around 2017.
She is currently active in making and selling his original-design products while participating in exhibits.

[Career Activities]
May: Had her works published in the 38th release of MegRu magazine
June: Kamiwaza Exhibit (AAA Gallery/Yokohama)
July: begins selling her products through commissioned sales at A.D.NEÉL Venus Fort Branch
Received the cells-illustration-vol.19 award (Design Festa Gallery/Harajuku)
September: cells-illustration-vol.19 Exhibition of Award-Winning Works (Tokyo Art Lab/Kamata)
October: A Journey Overseas with a Pen a Paper: The Phantasmagorical Artist and the Paper-Cutting Sculpture Collaboration Exhibit
November: Works displayed in Design Festa vol. 52
Gajin Garo Web Individual Exhibit “Wanderlust” on the Kawachi Gazai (Drawing Materials) home page

  January: Illustrator’s Exhibit (Owens Yachiyo Public Gallery/Chiba)
  March: Art Japan and Taiwan 2021 in London (London)


Masayoshi Akiyama

Born in Chiba,Japan in 1982.
Graduated from Central Art school Illustration Department in 2003.
Graduated from Pallet Club In 2006.
Awarded the 31st Contemporary Children’s Drawing Exhibition JAL.He draws a portraits and landscape, illustration of the city.
I am currently planning to host a personal exhibit at the Kitasawa Bar: Lastchance on December 16, 2020.


In 2014, we formed the group “2sentimental”.
We work as a pair and are based in Tokyo.
We used acrylics to merge a sense of two-dimensionality and depth to produce an new artistic perspective for the viewer.
Our goal is use motifs such as living creatures and dinosaurs to produce colorful, catchy works of art.


Glassblowing Craftsman & Illustrator
I design my art pieces while envisioning the ephemeral and unique forms of deep-sea organisms and bacteria in deep, lush forests. I like to use borosilicate glass and a method known as lampworking in my works.
I pour my heart into each of my creations in the hopes that they may put a smile on the faces those who come across them, even if just for a moment.


Ginga Tetsudo

“The paradox of making old things new”
Ginga Tetsudo is a miniature art sculptor who loves ruins, candle flames, and Ihatov. They create a wide array of mini-sized pieces in the style of “chemical steampunk,” including mysterious science experiment equipment and specimens, magical crystals, and small accessories with a rusted aesthetic.
They are mainly active through online sales.


“Hachimitsu means ‘honey,’ which means everything cute and great and lovely”
Under the idea of making “a market for all things cute,” this artist creates sky- and cosmic-colored resin accessories and resin flowers, to bring you something truly cute and wonderful.


Book Farm Yamasaki Yumiko

Majored in sculpting in the faculty of art and design at Tama Art University.
Began as a web creator and is currently active as a freelance illustrator. She can draw and capture animals and plants with a gentle touch.
She works both with analog pieces, which make full use of the bleeds and warmth of clear watercolors, as well as fully digital, intricate pieces through CLIP STUDIO.
She is careful to capture the expressions, intricacies, and stories of animals in such a way that you can feel them. In addition to commercial illustrations, the items she makes are also available through Book Farm, an original brand.


From Okayama Prefecture. Graduated from the sculpting course at Nagoya Zokei University. Currently living in Osaka. In addition to her molding and sculpting job, she also makes pieces inspired by music and related cultural ideas on the side.



I am from Iwate Prefecture, where I still live today. I make a large assortment of different kinds of accessories, which are mostly based on my original illustrations, and made on paper and stationary.
Many of my works are of cosmic objects.


Hermetale Garden

Hermetale Garden creates original accessories that aim to be unflashy but still hold a nonchalant spark.
Primarily drawing inspiration from elements such as astronomical objects, minerals, and plants, they create items that can serve as a subtle accent to everyday life.


zoomie creates accessories bearing animal motifs with stone clay and other materials, under the theme of being “a refined yet cute grownup.” Each item is hand drawn, so people can enjoy the kind of unique looks that can only be found with handmade items. zoomie is also currently creating textile designs, making skirts and other items which convey a simple worldview.

An Introduction to the Works