Sonny Angel

Sonny Angel Spring Photo Contest 2015!

Spring is almost here!

Why don’t you go out with Sonny Angel and enjoy taking photos of Sonny Angel during Spring?
Let’s take part in Sonny Angel Spring Photo Contest!
Enjoy Spring season with your favorite Sonny Angel♪

Contest Period: March 20, 2015 ~ May 6, 2015

For more detail about how to participate, prizes, etc.,
please Click HERE

Collector’s Trophy Lottery Redraw!

We have reselected winners of Collector’s Trophy event!

If your Collector’s Trophy serial number is listed in the left picture, please send email with a photo of your trophy (with a clear shot of the winning serial number), your name, mailing address and phone number to

Winners will get the figure which has produced only 5 pcs in the world!

Deadline: March 31, 2015

【Apology and Correction】

We apologize that we announced wrong information about redraw of Collector’s Trophy event in our last update.
It was wrong combination of numbers and prize for Turtle and Mushroom.

The correct list of winning numbers is shown on the left picture. If you have the one winning the prize, please contact us by March 31!

New Animals for Bobbing Head!

New line up for Bobbing head, Cow, Pig and Mouse!
Shake him and his head will sway.

Will be released the mid of March.

Click here for more information >>

Sonny Angel is now at NY NOW!

Sonny Angel is now at NY NOW,
International Gift Show in New York!

You can find us at booth #7832.

Come and visit us!

We will be there until February the 4th!

Click here to check out NY NOW >>

To Winner of Collector’s Trophy Event

If you have a Collector’s Trophy with the serial numbers below,Please contact us as soon as possible by January 31 (JPN time). Otherwise, winners will lose the right to win the prize!
Don’t miss this chance!

1st round: 100, 184, 288
2nd round: 314, 345
3rd round: 43, 121, 265, 278
4th round: 246
5th round: 329, 488

Please send email with a Picture of Trophy (serial number can be clearly seen), your name, address and phone number to
If winners won’t show up, we will reselect winners again!

As we announced before, the prices of Sonny Angel mini figures are to be raised from February 1st, 2015.

As we announced before, the prices of Sonny Angel mini figures are to be raised from February 1st, 2015.
You can enjoy shopping with current price until 11:59pm January 31, 2015.
* Sonny Angel Store will be closed due to the system maintenance for the price revision from 0:00am February 1, 2015.
For more information, please visit here

Travel Marché!

BON VOYAGE, one of our authorized retailer, will hold “Travel Marché” which is a fun event for people who love Travel, Zakka and Stationery!
So many Zakka, stationery and travel goods company will be gathered. It must be fun! Of course, Sonny Angel will be there too! You can see a real Sonny Angel Wagen bus at there!!
It is very rare to appear in front of you. Don’t miss this opportunity!

DATE: Saturday, March 22nd, 2015
PLACE: Daikanyama, Tokyo
Special ticket is now on sale!
For more detail, please visit BON VOYAGE website. We are looking forward to seeing you at Daikanyama!

Special Color Event Higher Chance Campaign!!

Since we got a lot of orders, we are to close this campaign today when the stock will be all gone.
Thanks for ordering Sonny Angel.

Probability of win the Special color figure will be increased during limited period!!
If you purchase Sonny Angel mini figure at our Official Online Store,you MAY get a special color…!?

Date and Time: January 23 ~ January 27, 2015. (Japan time)
Goods: Sonny Angel mini figure Animal series 1 ~ 4, Vegetable, Fruit,Marine and Flower

*Please note that this campaign does not guarantee that you can get a special color figure.
*Please note that you cannot specify which one you want.

Collector’s Trophy 5th Lucky Draw Event!!

For those that own Collector’s Trophy may win a special figure, which is produced only 5 pcs each!!

We are holding this lottery event in August, September, October, November and December.

Check to see if you are one of the winners for December!

Click for December lottery result >>

Check for other lottery results:
November (4th Draw) results here >>
October (3rd Draw) results here >>
September (2nd Draw) results here >>
August (1st Draw) results here >>

Valentine’s Day (Chocolate) Series 2015!

Sonny Angel is wearing beautiful and gorgeous chocolate!

It will be released around January 15th, 2015 at Sonny Angel Store and retail stores in Asia area.

*In USA and Europe, it will be released in March.

*Please note that this series is sold as “Valentine’s Day series 2015” OR “Chocolate series 2015”, according to certain regions/countries. Although the naming on the packaging is slightly different, please be assured that the figures inside are the same.

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