Sonny Angel

Whole 10-year history of Sonny Angel is in this book!

We are going to release a complete guide book in commemoration of Sonny Angel’s 10th anniversary.
You can see 337 Sonny Angels in this book, including limited series and figurines which never been sold. This book introduces you all about Sonny Angel mini figure. You wouldn’t see this much of information in any other place. It will be on sale at our online store and bookstores in Japan.

Detail is here>>
SonnyAngelStore is here(available on 1st April)>>

The results announcement of Popularity Poll 2014

We hold a Popularity Poll 2014.
Thank you for a lot of votes.
To commemorate this, We will distribute Special wall paper free which will be designed with Higher-ranking figure.

Result of Popularity poll 2014>>

Sonny Angel 10th Anniversary Event Popularity Poll 2014

Thank you for voting.
Reception of voting has been closed.
We will announce the results of popularity poll February 12, 2014.

We celebrate Sonny Angel’s 10th Anniversary, and hold a Popularity Poll 2014. Vote your favorite mini figure now (secrets excluded), and let’s see which mini figure is the most popular!
[Vote Period]
December 27, 2013 17pm ~ January 31, 23:59

Details for Popularity Poll >>

Sonny Angel 10th Anniversary Event Photo Contest

Thank you for applying contest.
Reception of applying has been closed.
After the judgement, we will contact the winner directly in the beginning of February.

We celebrate Sonny Angel’s 10th Anniversary, and hold a Photo Contest.
This is a collaboration event with a Sonny Angel Mook Book which will be published in April 2014.
Photos by winners will be printed in the book.
Please submit a picture which has more than one Sonny Angel in.

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