Sonny Angel

New Release from Artist Collection Series!

For the 6th Artist Collection, Rabbit and Elephant are dressed up in marine blue of the beautiful underwater sea world.
Colorful fish happily swim around.
Sonny Angel and the fish make you happy and smile.

Expected to be released mid June, 2015

Buy 1 pair(1 each of Rabbit and Elephant)and you will receive a special postcard present!

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Sonny Angel Spring Photo Contest 2015 Winners!

We have selected the winners of “Sonny Angel Spring Photo Contest 2015”, held from March 20th ~ May 6th, 2015 on Instagram!

Thanks for lots of wonderful entries!

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Sonny Angel’s 11th Birthday Party: Last Chance to Apply for an Invite!

Sonny Angel’s 11th birthday party invite applications end TODAY! If you haven’t applied already, it’s your last chance!

** Application closes at 11:59PM **

Party Date: Saturday, May 16, 2015

Time Slots:
Part 1: 12pm ~ 2pm / Part 2: 4pm ~ 6pm

Venue: Kichijoji, Tokyo (20 min. from Shinjuku by train)

Light refreshements will be provided at the party.
We will also prepare some gifts for guests!

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New Limited Series: Sonny Angel 11th Anniversary Series!

Sonny Angel has reached his 11th anniversary year in 2015.

In celebration, we have prepared a special series where Sonny Angel finally sits down!

This series features the top 12 figures of Sonny Angel Popularity Poll held in 2014. When put together, their T shirts spell “Sonny Angel 2015 11th Anniversary”!

This series will be released around mid May, 2015.

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Birthday Party Information!

Here is detailed information of Sonny Angel 11th Birthday Party!

Party Date: Saturday, May 16, 2015

Time Slots:
Part 1: 12pm ~ 2pm / Part 2: 4pm ~ 6pm

Venue: Kichijoji, Tokyo (20 min. from Shinjuku by train)

Light refreshements will be provided at the party.
We will also prepare some gifts for guests!

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We hope to see you at the party!

Special Color Event: Chance to win a special color figure!

Special color event is now closed as we have run out of stock due to popular demand.
Thank you for ordering!

For a limited time only, there is a chance of winning a Special Color Sonny Angel mini figure!

If you purchase Sonny Angel mini figures at our Official Sonny Angel Online Store, you MIGHT recieve a Special Color figure with your order!

Event Period: April 1, 2015 ~ April 30, 2015
(may close early depending on stocks)

Applicable Goods: Sonny Angel mini figures from Animal 1 ~ 4, Vegetable, Fruits, Marine, Flower series

Those who order figures from above series will be eligible for this event (Order limit: max. 2 assort boxes or 24 figures in total).

♦ There is no guarantee of receiving a special color figure with every purchase. They are given out randomly.
♦ You cannot request for a particular special color figure.
♦ Order limit for mini figures is maximum of 2 assort boxes (24 figures) total per order. Orders that exceed this limit will NOT be eligible for this special color event.
♦ We will not accept new orders of mini figures if you have an order of mini figures that is not yet sent out. If you have several orders of mini figures pending at once, only your first order will be processed. If you would like to try again for a special color figure, please do so only after recieiving your current order.
♦ We may change/cancel orders if order/product quantity is deemed too excessive by our judgement.
♦ Please be aware that contents and details of this event may change at any time without prior notice.
♦ Please note that we may not be able to reply to inquiries regarding this campaign.

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Sonny Angel 11th Birthday Party!

We will hold Sonny Angel’s 11th birthday party in May, 2015!

We will invite 100 pairs (200 guests) to the party!

Let’s celebrate Sonny Angel’s 11th birthday together!

More information will be coming soon!

Please keep checking here or our official SNS for news updates!

Important Notice Regarding Counterfeit / Unofficial Products

Dear Sonny Angel fans and collectors,

Thank you, as always, for supporting Sonny Angel.

We regret to announce that unofficial/counterfeit Sonny Angel mini figures from the Ladurée Patisseries Collection have recently been reported in the market.

The last production of this series was completed at the end of 2014. The Ladurée series was very popular and there are a limited quantity of genuine mini figures from this series still available for sale at retail stores.

If you find these figures in the market, there is a possibility of them being unofficial/counterfeit products.

Please understand that we cannot accept or take any responsibility for the replacement or return of any unofficial/counterfeit Sonny Angel products. We suggest you take caution if you find Sonny Angel Ladurée Patisseries Collection mini figures at unofficial sources.

We also strongly advise that you avoid purchasing any Sonny Angel products from unauthorized channels or shops so that you are not cheated or mislead by unlawful merchants.

Thank you for your continued interest in Sonny Angel and your understanding regarding this issue.

Sonny Angel Spring Photo Contest 2015!

Spring is almost here!

Why don’t you go out with Sonny Angel and enjoy taking photos of Sonny Angel during Spring?
Let’s take part in Sonny Angel Spring Photo Contest!
Enjoy Spring season with your favorite Sonny Angel♪

Contest Period: March 20, 2015 ~ May 6, 2015

For more detail about how to participate, prizes, etc.,
please Click HERE

Collector’s Trophy Lottery Redraw!

We have reselected winners of Collector’s Trophy event!

If your Collector’s Trophy serial number is listed in the left picture, please send email with a photo of your trophy (with a clear shot of the winning serial number), your name, mailing address and phone number to

Winners will get the figure which has produced only 5 pcs in the world!

Deadline: March 31, 2015

【Apology and Correction】

We apologize that we announced wrong information about redraw of Collector’s Trophy event in our last update.
It was wrong combination of numbers and prize for Turtle and Mushroom.

The correct list of winning numbers is shown on the left picture. If you have the one winning the prize, please contact us by March 31!